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Granite Countertops

Granite CountertopsNo modern home or commercial establishment is complete without Granite Countertops
There are various stone types that are considered to be granite, though not in its pure form. The reason for this is that some stones possess very similar properties to that of granite and are therefore, classified as granite by the American Society for Testing and Materials International. Some of their geological names include diorite, gneiss, gabbro and anorthosite. However, because of their properties, these Granite Countertops are highly resistant to scratching and abrasion, and are among the hardest of stones used for countertops, today. What makes granite so durable and the best choice for households lies in its primary minerals; they can resist almost any type of chemical, thus leaving no damage to the stone. Having said this, it’s important to understand that certain acids can, in fact, cause damage to some types of granite stones, so it will take some level of care and maintenance of the stone on your end. 
Apart from its resistance to damage, no material beats Granite Countertops in terms of style, design and color. For any bathroom or kitchen, whether remodeling or setting up, you will be looking for something with both, aesthetic appeal, as well as durability. Granite Countertops provide just the right balance of style and more than you could bargain for in terms of long lastingness. Another advantage of choosing Granite Countertops is that each slab has a unique color, grain and shade. This means no other home will have a countertop identical to yours. Granite is an all-in-one option; it has the elegance and strength of polished stone, and the appealing design of composite materials, in addition to being resistant to different climates and requiring very little maintenance or treatment. 
In kitchens and bathrooms particularly, where countertops are prone to high amounts of heat, having a material that is heat-resistant is a must. Anything from boiling water, heated utensils, hot frying pans or hair appliances, Granite Countertops have the ability to absorb and spread heat, while keeping their surface absolutely damage-free. 
When compared with other materials used for countertops such as soapstone, hardwood, quartz, etc., granite costs lesser than some of these options and requires the least upkeep. Therefore, it’s a win-win option. You can find granite in many types of shades, colors, finishes and thicknesses. What’s more, their designs are versatile enough to complement any type of décor; from modern, elegant interiors, to more homely, rustic decors, granite is the way to go. 
With strength, beauty and style to last a lifetime, Granite Countertops are a surefire option to ensure that your bathrooms and kitchen are completed with the best of the best in countertop materials. Granite leaves nothing to chance, making it a truly safe investment for your home. If your looking for more information on Natural Stone a great place to start is